23th April 2008

Dragon-i (Queensbay,Penang)

Yesterday was friend of mine birthday and we went to dragon-i. The food there was quite nice to eat and we really enjoy it. This restaurant not alien to us because we been there for couple times either with managers, US counter part or with friends. The funny thing is, they start with friendly and efficient service but later on they seem became reluctant to serve us even we call for bill. What a rude!
Anyway, beyond entering the Dragon-i; you will not miss the bigger four Chinese characters written on the left side of the sign board reads “Long de chuan ren”. If you translate it to English, it would mean the descendant of dragon. On the right hand side, the smaller chinese characters read "La mien xiao long pao" or pull noodle small dragon bun??
Overall, I would say that you can pop by if you are shopping around in Queensbay and suddenly feel like having some decent Chinese food to fill up your stomach. Other than that, I personally will not propose this restaurant reason because I can get much cheaper and definitely much tastier food outside. In spite saying that, the xiao long pao is definitely worth try since it’s something you don’t get like anywhere and everywhere.

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