24th April 2008

Since I came to Penang, I have take up tuition class as my side income. I like this job because I think of myself as parent to many children, who tutor and assist them with their homework. In occasion, I also will step in and save the child from future problems. It is an important to hiring a right tutor which often the most efficient way to provide the support, confidence and edge the child needs to reach his or her full potential. The sooner you do that, the quicker and easier the situation can be reversed.
However, one thing I learn from this tuition is technique to scold the student. Share some two cent of mine in scolding:
1- People with different character should not be treated the same but should scold them based on their character type.
2 – Differentiate scold people in a cautious manner and scold a lot
3 – Let them know you are in-charge
4 – Don’t over scold else it will reflect your income (espectually when your salary base on the student attendance)
5 – Face expression

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joyce said...

Don't scold too much. Later get sorethroat!