27th April 2008

Birthday Boy
27th April was my birthday and YES! I’m getting older. Anyway, I really want thanks all my friends and specially my girlfriend, who celebrate with me and also not forgetting my mum who carried me for 9 months and gave birth to me. Thanks All.
This year my gf give me S500i, yup a cell phone as a birthday present. I’m thrill with it because that what I wish for. We start the day by watching Forbidden Kingdom by Jackie Chang and Jet Li at Queensbay. Maybe she knows I’m active like Jackie and cute like Jet Li that’s why we went for this movie. And the movie was great. I will rate this movie 4.5/5 (0.5 loss due to environment). We end the day by dinning at SP Setia Restaurant with my favourite Fruits Cake together with a lovely birthday song played by the restaurant. And you bet, the scenario there was great too.
Wow......I was really enjoying it. Thanks again Joyce for all the arrangement.

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Kim Huey said...

Happy Belated Birthday. Sorry i missed it.